In collaboration with DJ Marco Kuster. Performed 20th May 2011. I was commissioned by Olga Stephen to make a Live Art work for an event she was hosting at the Anne Mosseri-Marlio Gallery, Zurich. Zeitgeist: The Sound of Text This work was a site-specific performance and included elements of sound art, installation, and audience participation. By taking live sound recordings Kuster captured my actions on a typewriter and also my use of voice, to play back a soundscape. The use of rhythm, volume, and pitch were mixed in real time with sound software and played back to the audience. A conversation and dialogue between old and new technology, as well as a linking and mapping between: the gallery, current exhibition, the audience and artists. The work was influenced by a previous sound art piece I made called 'The sound of text' published in AirCandy. Auckland Nz. 2003. Along with an interest in the word Zeitgeist which was spoken about in my studies at the Goetheanum. Dianna Brinsden Photography: Duncan Bell Video: Dianna Brinsden