In collaboration with Hoda Jaberipour. Performed 28th February 2010 in German and English. Baba – Father In life, the riches of different cultures give the world its living, breathing, fabric of humanity. It would be fair to say that no person can fully look through the eyes of another culture, unless they belong to that culture. Although, perhaps belonging can be experienced in different ways. Faced with a new challenge I was asked to collaborate with Hoda Jaberipour to create a Live Art work from her biography. She was born in Iran and immigrated to Switzerland when she was three years old. Her father was separate from her family through deportation. The only connection she has to him are fragments on a old dubbed-over cassette. This work Baba - Father is not a political commentary but an expression of love between daughter and father, a moment for peace within. Photography: Alberto Espinosa Video: