In collaboration with other interdisciplinary artists. Performing Arts Masterclass, from 10th-14th July 2006. This was led by Susanne Thomas, Phoebe von Held and Sophie Jump, from the Seven Sister Group. On the evening of the 14th July a live art event was performed to the public which took them on a journey through different spaces within the Tate Modern. Three of Brinsdens works were chosen and developed for the final performance. Brinsden also met Martina von Holn in this Masterclass. In 2007 they began working collaboratively forming the performance duo 'She and Her'. 'This was a five-day workshop for professional artists who work with space, performance, dance, design or live art. The workshop explores the tension between the polished displays of Tate Modern and the back-of-house areas, and involves theoretical and practical sessions. The participants create site-specific performances in various locations within the gallery that lead to a final public performance.' Photography: Martina von Holn.