In collaboration with Martina von Holn. Commissioned Live Art work, St Anne's Wells Park, Brighton. Performed 11th May 2008. She and Her embarked on an exploration of public space which invited the audience to become part of a series of traveling installations. The piece is an interpretation of the fairy tale 'The Princess on the Pea' by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. 'Neverland descends on St Anne's Well Gardens as 26 Letters steps outdoors for another interactive art trail, this year in the swashbuckling company of Peter Pan and friends. Five specially commissioned art works by artists, sculptors and Live Art performers from around the country (Eilidh Bryan, She and Her, Alison Duddle and Weston Hammond, Athina Valha, Kate Strachan) each provide a cryptic clue to the title of a classic children's fable, fairytale or story. All you have to do is piece together the puzzle' Photography: David Palazon Video: David Palazon